A feeling for promising locations and for auspicious visions, but also the courage to implement them. We get the market moving – both for capital investors and for owner-occupants.

pantera AG takes care of the entire package for you right up until the success of your real estate: from an all-in-one package to a pure sales project. An analysis of location and market leads to the most effective use of the potential of your property. A use-oriented development ensures an impressive result. Sales and marketing ensure you acquire the highest profit possible on the project. Regardless of the extent to which we advise and support you, we take responsibility and are at your side with innovative concepts.

Our mission is marketable products that sell well. Always keeping an eye on the current trends in society, we develop the right living concept for your location: from classic listed buildings to highly profitable old-age provision concepts with Wilhelminian-style villas and from energetically and ecologically sophisticated premium new buildings to desirable investment properties.


In order to provide our sales partners and buyers with the optimum quality and safety in products and services, pantera AG not only fulfils all legally binding standards and requirements; through cooperation with external auditors and organisations – some of whom are contractually stipulated – you can be sure that construction promises are kept and any defects are comprehensively recorded and processed. Due to individual requirements, however, not all of these instruments can be used for every property.



Prospectus liability is a critical, still often underestimated factor in investment advice. The voluntary audit of all pantera sales prospectuses in accordance with IDW Standard 4 exempts you from prospectus liability and supports investors in their investment decisions.

The renowned Cologne-based law firm Zacher & Partner reviews the legal, tax and descriptive chapters on the investment properties. In doing so, the audits focus not only on the accuracy and completeness of the legal and tax presentations and the risk section, but also on the coherent and objective description of the investment objects in all chapters of the sales prospectus.



For pantera’s own projects, the supervision of the acceptance of construction work by TÜV/DEKRA is contractually guaranteed.

In this way, an external expert evaluates compliance with technical standards and the proper implementation of the building specifications.

Thus, your customers as well as our customers are advised competently and neutrally and receive a reliable evaluation.



The first and perhaps most important step when it comes to sustainable construction is the use of an existing building structure.

The conversion or renovation of historical and listed buildings into residential real estate is a focus of the work of pantera AG. In this way, areas such as barracks, some of which have been abandoned for years, are brought back to life.

The example of Neue Hofgärten in Ludwigshafen clearly shows how a long vacant BASF tenement can be turned into a listed building that sets new standards in terms of architecture and energy efficiency.

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All buyers will be comprehensively advised by the pantera team, even after the notary appointment. This is how we ensure that each customer is looked after individually and from a single source.

Customers receive regular reports during the entire construction period, which are prepared by an external project manager.

As a rule, pantera Property Management also takes over the initial letting as well as the subsequent property management, so that the comprehensive knowledge of the construction project can also be incorporated here, too.

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